Cycling in business class

History of B2Bike

B2Bike was instrumental in the inception of bicycle leasing in Belgium and can therefore be considered a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility. Learn more about us & the history of B2Bike
in the video above (both in Dutch and French) !

Mobility and bicycle leasing

At B2Bike, we specialize in bicycle plans, bicycle leasing, and bicycle purchase for companies and institutions. What would it be like if you could offer your employees a bicycle of their choice and this completely cost-neutral for you as an employer? B2Bike guides your organization from A to Z in realizing the ideal bicycle plan! We provide maximum unburdening and offer a strong network of partner bicycle shops, expert advice, a personal approach and our handy tools.

A worry-free bike plan

B2Bike provides you access to a strong national network of independent, local bike shops. This way, your employees can rely on a wide range of quality bikes with local service. Additionally, we can bundle maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, and bike storage into a convenient package if desired.

The bikes can be offered through bike leasing or bike purchase, with the option to work through your (car) leasing partner. In any case, you gain assurance and a manageable budget. This allows your company or organization to focus on its core activities.

Personal approach

We ensure a dynamic launch of your bike plan and engage employees with an on-site kick-off information session, where they can immediately test a selection of bikes from the offering.

Our tools

Thanks to our convenient tools, as an employer, you can easily monitor the entire process.

Perhaps you have questions about your cycle plan: organizational, fiscal, technical,… There is a real chance that we have the answer ready because we have already encountered this question in previous projects.

At B2Bike we have already done the search for and the summarizing of the regulations. You may wish to submit a subsidy file or draw up a mobility plan. B2Bike can help you with, among other things, distance home-to-work analysis, questioning your staff about current mobility behavior, …

With a few efficient analysis tools we give you a quick overview of the distances (via bicycle route) and the travel behavior of your employees. This helps to estimate the budget at an early stage and to quantify both the baseline situation and your objectives. Safety is often a recurring concern. A safe cycle route is crucial here. We map it out for every employee.

Ready to hop on the bike as well?

Our team is ready to assist you.