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Everything about maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance for your company bike.

Good maintenance guaranteed

Quality maintenance

A well-maintained bike guarantees a pleasant cycling experience. Thanks to the B2Bike service card, your bike shop keeps your bike in top condition without you receiving separate bills. In principle, you use the charged maintenance credit at your regular bike shop: they are the ones with the right parts and tools to service your brand and know you and your bike the best.

Where can I go?


It is possible to use the service card at any of the B2Bike bicycle shops; this way, you can always rely on a professional, even when you are on the road and need on-the-spot service. If you have lost a service card, please contact B2Bike at [email protected]

Balance on the service card


Any remaining credit at the end of the contractual period remains usable, up to a maximum of 5 years after the initial activation of the respective Service card. If the maintenance credit is used up before the term of the lease contract has expired, any additional maintenance costs will need to be paid directly by you to the bicycle shop.

Check your service card balance here (barcode with 19 digits)

Insurance and Breakdown Assistance

Damage & Theft

The credit on the service card is not intended for repairs of damage due to misuse, negligence, neglect, collision, accidents and falls, vandalism, manufacturing defects, or any other cause not considered normal wear and tear. This does not necessarily mean that the bicycle user has to bear the cost of the damage. Manufacturing defects are covered under warranty, and insurance will cover damage due to accidents and vandalism.

Damage and Insurance:

The procedure for handling damage may vary by leasing company. The bicycle shop first estimates the damage, after which the insurer and the leasing company are informed. Sometimes, the insurance and/or leasing partner may request a damage report of the circumstances and/or photos. When the insurer approves the damage claim, a repair invoice is generated. With insurance coverage through a direct leasing with B2Bike, you can count on a replacement bike, ensuring you are always on the road with peace of mind.


In case of theft, swift action is crucial. A theft report must be filed with the police as soon as possible, including details of the circumstances and the bicycle's frame number. With the report and any other required documents, the insurance/leasing company will decide whether a new order can be placed. In case of insurance intervention through a direct leasing with B2Bike, you are entitled to a replacement bicycle in the meantime. Important is that you always lock the bike when leaving it and securely fasten it to a fixed point.

Roadside Assistance

When taking out the lease, please carefully check whether roadside assistance is included in the package and then determine which breakdown service you are affiliated with. It could be B2Bike breakdown assistance, VAB, or ALD Assistance (Touring). If in doubt, check the bike itself for a sticker with the correct contact number or contact us at +32 (0)3 295 92 58 (during office hours).

If you have B2Bike breakdown assistance through a direct lease with B2Bike, fantastic!
Here is the Emergency number: +32 (0)3 253 61 72 (24/7).

Other Emergency numbers are:

  • For ALD, contact the number +32 (0)2 706 41 41
  • Alphabet Assistance: emergency number +32 (0)78 15 05 35
  • Arval Assistance Europe: emergency number +32 (0)2 245 73 72
  • J&T: emergency number: 0800 99 610 (BE) or +32 3 544 29 03 (NL/LUX)

If you don't have breakdown assistance but still want to use this service, you will need to cover the costs yourself.